Stuff Still Happens, week 34: More Donald Trump (sigh)

Sigh. I really didn’t want to write one more word about Donald Trump, but the guy just continues to astound. Consider the past week. He told African-Americans – or “the blacks” as he once called them – that they live in poverty with horrible education and no home ownership. He told African American and Hispanics, […]

Stuff Still Happens, week 30: Hillary makes herstory (sorry)

Americans, God bless ’em, are good at a lot of things. They can be very self-critical in ways Canadians never are, but they are even better at self-aggrandizement. Americans (or at least Democratic Americans) were patting themselves on the back so hard this week, they may have dislodged a national vertebra. They have selected a […]

Stuff Still Happens, week 29: Donald Trump’s Lying Circus

OK, let’s recap the week at the Republican National Convention. Be prepared, this makes for depressing reading. The week began with Antonio Sabato, a former underwear model, little known actor, and failed Dancing with the Stars competitor, addressing the convention. Why Antonio Sabato, no one is sure why. But after his speech, he told ABC […]

Stuff Still Happens, week 28: A summer to regret

Remember when summer was carefree? Sunshine, lollipops and rainbows? Hot times in the city? Walking on sunshine? Sunny days? Well, not this year. The summer of 2016 has been riddled with tragedy and horror. It gets harder and harder to write this blog; every week, it is a litany of man’s inhumanity to man. This […]