Stuff Still Happens, week 20: A very Canadian ‘outrage’

Chaos in the Commons! Hell in the House! Kerfuffle in the Kommons! Parliamentary punch-up! Broohaha! Shenanigans! Other old words nobody ever uses anymore! By now, you have no doubt heard of the incident in the House of Commons where Prime Minister Justin Trudeau grabbed Conservative party whip Gordon Brown by the arm to “escort” him […]

Stuff Still Happens, week 19: Rumours fill in for facts in Fort Mac

Canadians continue to show remarkable kindness to the Fort McRefugees. The Red Cross is swimming in cash (much of which they have already distributed)  and donation centres are overflowing with donations. Charitable organizations are operating with remarkable efficiency, and even the government seems to be doing everything right. Well, almost everything. The government finally allowed […]

Stuff Still Happens, week 18: Apocalypse Now

On Tuesday  when I turned on the evening news, I saw pictures of thousands of cars fleeing an apocalyptic hellscape. I first assumed it was just thousands of Americans fleeing to Canada to escape the Donald Trump presidency, but it turned out to be much, much worse. There isn’t much more that can be said […]

Stuff Still Happens, week 16: The purple reign of Prince

The biggest news story of the week was printed in purple. Prince, the diminutive, genre-spanning singer/songwriter/phenomenon, died unexpectedly this week at age 57. Even more than the death of David Bowie earlier this year (he was known to be sick, and always looked kinda sick), the passing of Prince Rogers Nelson rocked the rock world. […]

Stuff Still Happens, week 15: Rachael getting harried

The first, 100% NDP Alberta budget was released on Thursday, and it was a jaw dropper. Faced with a stunning decline in oil and gas revenues (two years ago, the government earned about $9 billion in revenues from oil and gas; this year, $1.4 billion) and soaring unemployment, the government chose to run up deficits. […]