Stuff Still Happens, week 48: Why we (sigh) need pipelines

This week, the Trudeau government approved two pipelines, and rejected one other. Trudeau is winning lavish praise for his bold, statesmanlike decision in some quarters, hyperbolic, end-of-the-world scorn from others. Trudeau’s decision to allow two of three is simply the right thing to do, in some ways because we have no choice. The simple, sad […]

Stuff Still Happens, week 47: Tarnish on the golden boy

Is the shine coming off the golden boy? Justin Trudeau is under the gun these days for what appear to be, if not lapses in ethics, at least some questionable activities. The Liberals have stretched the fundraising rules to the breaking point, engaging in cash-for-access fundraisers where well-heeled folks get to hobnob with government ministers […]

Stuff Still Happens, week 42: A nasty, nasty man

For a few moments during Wednesday’s presidential debate (mercifully the last), Donald Trump appeared almost presidential. He said exactly the same things he has said at every debate, but at least he didn’t go off the rails, which was as close to being presidential as we’ve seen from him. But, Trump being Trump, we knew […]