Stuff Still Happens, week 42: A nasty, nasty man

For a few moments during Wednesday’s presidential debate (mercifully the last), Donald Trump appeared almost presidential. He said exactly the same things he has said at every debate, but at least he didn’t go off the rails, which was as close to being presidential as we’ve seen from him. But, Trump being Trump, we knew […]

Stuff Still Happens, week 41: America gone wild

The American election campaign, which was already the worst in history, imploded this week. The week began with a presidential debate widely seen as the worst in history. Donald Trump, knowing full well that his White House dream (if he ever really had one) is now a smoking ruin, went for broke. Stalking the stage […]

Stuff Still Happens, week 40: OK, now he CAN’T win

Even the Teflon Don can’t get out of this one. Everyone except his most fanatical supporters knows Trump is a pig, a boor, a crass, classless thug. Now we have the best evidence yet of exactly what kind of person Donald Trump really is. An audiotape of Trump on a bus ride with entertainment reporter/nobody […]

Stuff Still Happens, week 39: He could STILL WIN!

There’s nothing else to say about the U.S. election anymore, is there? But I will anyway. The Republican nominee, Donald J. Trump, is demonstrably and unquestionably a horrifying candidate, the worst in not just memory but almost certainly in history. He’s a bully, a braggart, and a con man who has lowered political discourse to […]

Stuff Still Happens, week 37: Judging the judges

This week, an Alberta judge found Travis Vader guilty in the deaths of elderly couple Lyle and Marie McCann. Queen’s Bench Justice Denny Thomas found Vader guilty of second degree murder, despite the facts that no trace of the McCann’s has ever been found, no weapon was found, and the evidence was entirely circumstantial. Oh, […]