Welcome to my blog.

Man, that has to be the WORST opening sentence I have ever written. And I’ve written some doozies.

But I’m can’t think of an easier way to start a blog. This is my blog, and you are welcomed to read it. Or not. Your call.

Why should I be blogging, or more importantly, why should you spend minutes of your valuable time reading this? Well, as opposed to many bloggers, I am an experienced writer, opening sentence to the contrary. I’ve been in the newspaper business for something close to 30 years. (For younger blog readers, I should point out that a ‘newspaper’ is a package of news, features, and advertisements that is printed on newsprint every day, and in many cases delivered directly to your door, for about a buck a day. I hear ya … you mean, you have to PAY for it? Bizarre, I know.) I’ve worked in Red Deer and Edmonton, at dailies and weeklies. I’ve actually made a living as a freelance writer, and by ‘living’ I mean making just enough money to stave of homelessness and dumpster diving for dinner. I’ve even won awards for my column writing.

Outside of writing, I spent a strange three-and-a-half years in politics, as the Alberta Liberal MLA for Edmonton-Meadowlark. Politics was not to my liking (you would not believe how nice you have to be to people all of the time), so I quit after one term. Although being in opposition in Alberta could charitably be described as a soul-crushing grind (by me), I did make some great friends. I compared my time in the Alberta Legislature to soldiers spending time in a foxhole. You make friends in that kind of environment that you won’t soon forget.

So yes, I’m an Alberta Liberal supporter. I entered politics because I considered the Progressive Conservative party under Ralph Klein to be rotten to the core. Now, under Ed Stelmach, it is still rotten to the core, only now it is more inept than evil.

Alberta politics is not especially interesting, in that we live in a one-party petrostate that never changes. But with the arrival of Wildrose Alliance — or more accurately, Danielle Smith and the Wildrosers — the ground has shifted. With what appears to be a viable right-wing alternative (at least that’s the spin from the media), the Alberta political landscape has become much more interesting. The Wildrose has been getting an easy ride from the media, thanks to Smith’s telegenic personality and smooth as peanut butter delivery. As we get closer to an election, that will change. At least, I hope it will.

So that’s where I stand. But despite by Liberal bias, I won’t be afraid to take my old party to task if need be. But the Liberals have enough self-inflicted bruises that they don’t need anymore from me. But fair’s fair.

So the gist of my blog will be Alberta politics, with occasional sidebars on the city of Edmonton and its media, books, movies and television. I will update regularly, and improve the site regularly. As you can see, it’s pretty bare bones right now. But it will get better.

So again, welcome to my blog.

Worst. Closing. Ever.





4 thoughts on “Just what we need … another blog.

  1. I was a Wildrose Alliance candidate in 2008 and told my fellow party candidates running on low budgets to remember Maurice Tougas, who won despite a campaign budget of less than $5400 (according to your Elections Alberta filing).

    1. Yes, that was me, and yes, that’s how much I spent. I even had a surplus! It helps if you have some sort of public profile, and you’re running against Ralph Klein at his most unpopular.

  2. I met Maurice Tougas in January of 2007 at a community charity event put on by Allen Balser of Alta Care Resources.
    Maurice was still an MLA then and this man really impressed me as a thoughtful, honest, and caring person.
    All Albertans suffered a loss when Maurice decided to retire from elected politics.
    I wish him every success in his ventures and truly appreciate his courage to stand against The Tory
    I look forward to his blog continuing onward. His insights and thoughts are well worth listening to.

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