OK, I know that there are lots of important things to blog about. The federal election. The arena. The shabby condition of our roads. Charlie Sheen. Rebecca Black. The poor calibre of celebrity on Dancing with the Stars. The list goes on.

But for today, I’d like to address something of pressing importance to me. That would be dog crap.

I take my puny little dog for walks on a daily basis. We walk through something called a dry pond, which is anything but at this time. It’s more of a mud bog right now, but no matter. It’s a popular spot for other dog owners to take their mutts for a stroll. And good for them. It is incumbent upon all dog owners to take their dogs for a walk every day. Any dog worthy of the name loves to walk, and needs to walk.

Unfortunately, dogs also have a need to pee and crap. Boy, do they ever pee. My dog, a male, will stop at least a dozen times every walk to scope out an appropriate place to squirt out his coded message. It’s their way of communicating, I guess, like leaving a business card on someone’s desk.

Now, that’s not so bad. It’s when they take a dump that makes me angry.

We are diligent about picking up our dog’s “litter”, shall we call it. He’s  small dog, and takes small dog dumps, so we could easily ignore them and let nature take its course. But we figure nobody wants to see — or much less, step in — his fecal deposits, so we scoop down, pick it up, bag it, and toss it in the large garbage barrels the city so thoughtfully provides.

Lots of responsible people do the same, so I don’t consider it particularly heroic. But what really pisses me off is dog owners who have no problem with ENORMOUS dogs leaving ENORMOUS piles of shit on the footpath. Sometimes, the dog owner is barely courteous enough to have their dog dump on the grass, so most people are slightly less likely to step in it. But I’m amazed, and appalled, at how many people let their dogs leave elephantine piles of crap on the sidewalk!  Are these people too important to clean up after their dogs? Do they have so little regard for their neighbours, their fellow citizens, that they believe it is perfectly acceptable to leave heaping piles of shit lying on the ground for innocent children to step in while playing in the field?

Yeah, I know. It’s not a big deal. But it’s a small sign of the general erosion of standards in our society, where things like common courtesy are no longer considered common. If you own a dog, you should clean up after it. Plain and simple.


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