If you’re really hard up for something to do, turn your TV to channel 120, CPAC, the Canadian parliamentary channel. (The only thing sadder than watching CPAC is the fact that I know what channel CPAC is on.)

The Jack Layton Party (the new name of the New Democratic Party — just check out their backdrops and graphics; Jack Layton’s name is twice the size of the words New Democratic Party) has decided, as its first show of strength as the Official Opposition, to filibuster a bill that would send Canada Post back to doing what it’s supposed to do — deliver the mail. We’ve been two weeks now without mail delivery, and my magazines are piling up somewhere in a Canada Post storage facility (also known as a sorting facility). Hey, I want my Entertainment Weekly! How am I supposed to know who’s hot, and who’s not? By the time I get all my back issues, whoever’s on the cover as the hot new thing will already be reduced to made-for-TV movies on the Lifetime channel.

If the JLP thinks they have the support of Canadians in this utterly pointless filibuster, they are misreading the mood of the public. Or, maybe I am. But since I am a member of the public, and I talk to other members of the public, I feel it is safe to say they are clueless, and this filibuster is all show.

True, the mail isn’t what it used to be. It’s not remotely as important as it was when Canada suffered through postal strikes roughly every two years. Back then, postal strikes were a national crisis. Now, they’re more of a national nuisance. But still, a lot of people depend on their mail for their business. It’s important; not as important as it once was, but still important.

I don’t agree with much that the Stephen Harper government does — hell, I am at a loss to think of even one thing right now — but I agree with the act to resume postal service. The dispute has gone on long enough, and since a resolution seems well nigh impossible, the government had to step in.

But the JLP, anxious to assure its small but rabid support base that they’re not willing to move to the centre to solidify their power, has decided to take a stand against the bill. Never mind that they can’t win, never mind that most people in Canada want their mail back, and the JLP is standing in the way of that. The JLP has a stand to make, and screw the public.

Besides, for the JLP’s pimply-faced caucus, the filibuster is just like a sleepover. You get to stay up all night, and eat all the pizza you want!

Well, I’m sorry, but I’m not willing to give up my mail delivery so the JLP can take off their training wheels and pretend to be real politicians.  Mail is important to the economy, and the government is right to bring this to an end.


One thought on “JLP (Jack Layton Party) and his pimply-faced caucus playing politics.

  1. Maybe you should understand that the workers wanted to work but Canada Post locked them out. Rotating strikes was a blip in service. Now the government is telling them what their contract is. Why not just send them back under the current contract untill a new deal is made as per standard procedure. Harper and the conservatives have no place to tell non-government workers what their contracts should be. Canada Post is one of (if not the) most profitable postal service in the world. USPS (USA) and Royal Mail (UK) are not doing so well.

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