Maybe this is rude, but it has to be asked … are CFL quarterbacks stupid?

OK, yes, that was rude. And I certainly don’t mean to question the intelligence of all CFL QBs. But in two separate games I watched on the weekend, I saw a couple of plays that made me question the collective IQs of two quarterbacks who, ironically, ended up on the winning side.

Game #1, Friday night, Empire Fields in Vancouver. The Hamilton Tiger-Cats and the  B.C. Lions are tied with 1:20 to go in the game. The Tiger-Cats have the ball on B.C.’s 25-yard line, setting up for the go-ahead field goal. On a second and six, Hamilton QB Kevin Glenn decides to PASS THE BALL, instead of just running ahead for a few extra yards to make the field goal easier. Worse yet, he passed it into the spot where, if it was intercepted, it could have been run back for a TD. In fact, it very nearly was intercepted, but Glenn got lucky.  It was as dumb a play as I have seen in some time, and it’s too bad the Tiger-Cats weren’t made to pay the price for their stupidity.

But there was more dim-bulb football to come.

Sunday night, Molson Stadium, Montreal vs. Saskatchewan. The Riders have the ball, and a 10 point lead, with 42 seconds to go. Conventional wisdom (which is another way of saying ‘the only thing to do’) is to run down the clock, take a knee a couple of times, and it’s game over. Worse case scenario is that you have to punt with maybe 10 seconds left. In any event, it’s game over, Riders win.

But wait! Darian Durant, the Riders QB, decides that it would be a good idea to HAND OFF THE BALL. The Riders fumble, the Als recover, and suddenly game over becomes game on. Montreal scores a TD, closing the gap to three, but fails to recover the ball on a short kick. Riders win their first of the season.

Now, maybe I’m being too hard on Glenn and Durant. It might have been the coaches who made the calls. But whether it was the QBs or the coaches, they were shockingly stupid plays, unworthy of professional football. As much as I love the CFL, and I am a true believer, this kind of brain-dead football hurts the image of the entire league, almost as much as the consistently wretched officiating. (Hey, refs; think first before you hand out 15-yard roughing penalties for minor violations. Football is a contact sport.)

Maybe all CFL QBs and coaches should be made to take a Remedial Football 101 course before they sign a contract.


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