I’m still angry. And the more I think about it, the angrier I get.

I’m trying to take the high road, and tell myself that Norwegian referee Christina Pedersen did not deliberately tilt the epic Canada-USA women’s soccer game Monday towards the U.S.

But I can’t, because I don’t believe it. The more I think about it, the more I believe that Pedersen’s pro-USA bias overcame any shred of common sense she might have had, and gave the USA a goal.

It was, in the genteel parlance of sports, a screw job. I’m sure you’ve heard of it or seen it, but Pederson’s call that the Canadian goaltender held on to the ball too long was one of the most egregious cases of official cheating I’ve ever seen. Not only was the call wrong, it was a call that is virtually NEVER MADE in soccer, much less a game with gold medal implications. Worst yet, when Pedersen’s gambit to give the USA a chance on goal failed, she simply went to the back up plan of calling a handball, which was also spectacularly unfair.

Now, I don’t for a minute believe that Pedersen was bribed by the US. But she calls were so outlandishly wrong, so incredibly biased towards the Americans, that the only conclusion that you can draw is that she favored the US. After all, the US team is the Golden Girls, the pampered, spoiled, classless princesses of American sports, the team with the most money behind them and a favorite of American TV. Pedersen knew it, and the only conclusion that can be drawn from her performance is that she knew the International Olympic Committee wanted the US in the final, and she wanted to keep her masters happy.

Pedersen enters the rogues gallery of referees who tried to alter the outcome of games. The most famous of all was the West German duo of Josef Kompalla and Franz Baader from the Canada-Russia series of 1972, whose incompetence is so ingrained that I can remember their names 40 years later. These referees were chosen by the Russians, who were desperate to win the series and had no qualms about cheating. Kompalla and Baader (know to the Canadian media as Baader and Worst) were outrageously biased toward the Russians, so much so that Canada threatened to withdraw from the tournament if they were allowed the referee the final game. Those two thieves nearly pulled it off.

Who can forget the Canada-USA gold medal women’s hockey game at the Salt Lake City Olympics in 2002? In that game, the penalties were 13-4 in the U.S favor, including a pair of 5-on-3s, while the Americans got only four. The referee? An American named Stacey Livingston, who didn’t even try to hide her pro-American bias. How the IOC would allow an American to referee a gold medal match featuring an American team was beyond belief, but incredibly they did it again last year when a Canadian was put in charge of the gold medal game.

Christina Pedersen, welcome to the club of infamy. We in Canada will put your smiling, smirking mug on the wall of shame, right next to Baader, Kompalla and Livingston.


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    1. Funny you should say that. That was the first thing I did this morning. But only a critical mass will shake them from their ivory tower. So yes please do give FIFA an ear-full.

    2. Why do they have to have only women referees for women’s games? Shouldn’t it be the most qualified referees man or woman? I don’t think Christiana Pedersen would make that list…

    3. Just sent them my official complaint and request for them to investigate, seize and divulge the Financial Statements/ Pay Slips / Bank Account Statements of Christina Pedersen for a period of 1 year prior to the commencement of the Olympic Games up to the end of the Olympic Games.

      I have also requested details for Pedersen’s travel and communications over the year prior to the start of the Olympics.

      I’ve had enough of this outrageous and disgusting behaviour, it is time for them all to be held accountable and dealt with, severely…

      1. I have sent my complaint as well. Its so blatantly obvious that Pedersen favored the Americans, I am surprised that she didn’t just hand them the game from the start. The IoC is just as guilty, they allowed her corrupt ruling when they could have stepped up and did the right thing. Yes, the London Olympics has been decidedly anti-Canadian. Perhaps Canada should begin cheating at the Olympics, all the other nations and athletes that cheated were allowed to keep their medals.

    4. great article..just shared it on my facebook…i grew up in Tunisa a soccer country
      never seen such a call on such an importatnt match….one conclusion..referee decided the outcome of the match before the match had even started( like someone i admire had declared).
      so i emailed my toughts to Fifa…probably if evryone deos so..we will get somewhere…
      I SO PROUD OF OUR WOMAN SOCCER TEAM…thank for inspiring generations to come. thank you Chrisitne Sinclair

  1. Agreed – disgusting refereeing. And Pedersen is FIFA accredited – I hope not for long! See therealcabbie tweet for the view from London – medals for referees?

  2. Actually this isn’t even the first screwing from officials Canada’s taken at these games.

    Screwed out of Gold
    Men’s 1500 Freestyle – Chinese swimmer Sun Yang false starts & isn’t disqualified as it states in the rules. )fficials decided there was a noise in the crowd that caused the false start. No explanation why Sun was the ONLY swimmer who heard the noise. Sun wins the gold. Canadian swimmer Ryan Cochrane gets silver

    Screwed out of medals
    Tiffany Foster’s horse was disqualified for “abnormal sensitivity” on a leg. A completely arbitrary judgement with no recourse for appeal. As all other teams get to drop their worse score from their average, this effectively takes Canada out of the medal race

    Welcome to the ScrewCanadalympics.

    1. every country gets screwed if you think about it. Sun Yang had a tiny head start, so what? in a 1500 m race it would not make a difference. He might of started milliseconds before others but broke the record by over 3.5 seconds and was way ahead of Cochrane. THIS is WHY the officials did not call it. Cochrane wouldn’t have had a chance of winning otherwise. China got disqualified from the cycling track sprint because the racer apparently cut in too much, therefore not receiving a gold. Two other women also got disqualified for the same thing (both from different countries)

      What I’m getting at is that not every race is perfectly fair. The referees bend the rules a certain amount in every game. Sometimes one team is favoured over another and in some situations it is too close to judge (like how far a rider cuts into another rider on the cycling track). It is all based on the referees decision. Sometimes people may or may not get disqualified for doing the same thing. In this case, the ref pushed a little too much, making it obvious they were favouring USA.

      Am I happy about this? no. but overall there are fair and unfair calls against everybody. You just notice it more because it is against YOUR country. What if the calls were made in your favour? then would you complain? So no, Canada is not getting screwed! If a country was great enough they would not care about one or two unfair calls. USA has been disqualified many times in the past, yet they still hold MANY more medals than other countries.

      In case you haven’t noticed, life isn’t fair.

  3. The refereeing was completely sub-par and questionable. Sinclair played the match of her life and kept the Canadian team inspired. Atleast two out of three of her goals were scintillating. Unfortunately a bad referee can kill momentum completely. I wonder if there will ever be any investigation into what happened. I for one, hope that Japan will defeat the USA in the finals. Canada should have been playing for gold. While I dont take anything away from the USA women who had the better stamina through the game, the third goal by Wambach should never have been allowed by the referee. However, I wish the Canadian team had been a little tighter in preventing being scored on. Rapinhoe’s corner kick should have been stopped. Anyway, heres hoping that Japan beat the US in the finals. Christine Sinclair ROCKS!!!!!!

  4. Let’s not forget Canada. Let in 3 legal goals , two that were real clangers. Erin McLeod and her “near post” defender should be shouldering some blame as well.

    1. That’s a load of crap! Yes, Erin McLeos let in a weak goal, however, she wasn’t the only one to blame on that one. Also, they came back, made up for their mistake and took the lead again. When a team makes a mistake that costs them, it is up to them to make up for it. They did that. They shouldn’t have to make up for a ref’s mistake, especially when it’s not a mistake at all. And yes, they did let in 3 legal goals, but the US wouldn’t have had an extra 30 minutes to score the last goal. It would have been 3-2 for Canada at the 90 minute mark.

  5. hello im from argentina and soccer is a way of life here if this woulld happen here it would of been a civil war this is true shame how canada got robed truly it was another script for the great american finaly like a Hollywood movie ….. fifa should be ashamed and also the ioc christin sainclair come and play for river plate you are a true class star and that goes for the whole canadian womens olympic team in general…i am so disappointed i can just imagine all canadian soccer fans wish you all the best im my heart the canadian womens soccer team are the GOLD medal winners

  6. found this article that i want to share please add Abby Wambach to the list true conspiracy in my eyes read her comment and foremost they might suspend sainclair what about the disgraceful REF….. IOC you should be ashamed

    MANCHESTER, ENGLAND—The governing body of soccer is considering disciplinary action over blistering comments made by Canada’s coach and p.layers following a loss to the United States in the semifinals of the Olympic women’s soccer tournament.

    FIFA says it will analyze the remarks by the Canadians, who were upset with the referee over a call rarely seen. Goalkeeper Erin McLeod was whistled for holding the ball too long, starting a sequence that led to the Americans’ tying goal late in the game.

    The U.S. won 4-3 in extra time.

    Canada forward Christine Sinclair said afterward that “the ref decided the result before the game started.”

    U.S. forward Abby Wambach revealed Tuesday that she subtly lobbied for the call by counting out loud when McLeod had the ball.

  7. I think everyone missed all of the aggressive play by the Canadian players throughout the game that wasn’t called by the ref. If you look into all of the post-6 sec time that McCloud held the ball and was subsequently warned by the line ref, Pedersen deserved to make the call. The rules are the rules, but it seems that the haters on this blog to the U.S. win don’t want to adhere to those which which apply to the game. Appreciate the great match that it was and unfortunately it didn’t not work out in the Canadian team favor.

    1. I think we can all agree that the play was hyper aggressive on all sides, and that the referee really had no control of the match. The main point is, however, that she chose an incredible moment to make an incredible call. No complaints from here about the American team — they’ve proven time and again they’re better than the Canadian team — but getting screwed by a ref hurts.

    2. Another person who did not see that the US players were diving, they weren’t being fouled. As for the linesman warning the keeper, that is not her job, it is the referee’s. It wasn’t a real warning since it didn’t come from the ref herself. And as for the rule, I challenge you to show one time that penalty has ever been called at the international level. I searched it on Youtube under all kinds of different wording and didn’t get one hit.

    3. And what about the handball call that led to the goal against Canada?! It should never have been called. Yet, the Americans had what might have been a more blatant hand ball in the box that was not called. It’s fairly clear that this ref favoured the U.S. darlings of women’s soccer and was influenced by the sentiments of the IOC.

    4. and if the call went the other way how would you react. No one is against the USA her we are against the biased of the referee. We will never know the final outcome that is the issue at hand. The ref ruined one of the best games in football period. Its very likely the USA would have tied it in a fair manner but their win wasnt a true win, just a technical one.

  8. hahahah All I can do is laugh, When that poor girl from China won and broke new records, the Americans were complaining about how she took drugs and even some idiot suggested that she is a man. Why are you so quiet now Americans? how much did you pay who mmm?

  9. Just FYI. FIFA is not investigating Pedersen…..get this….they are investigating the accurate comments made by the Canadian players about the influence of the officials on the outcome……..AND……this is after Womback admitted in public that she counted off the seconds FOR the referee that lead to the delay of game call. What a sad joke FIFA is.

    1. Exactly. FIFA, The Olympic Committee are both jokes. But…and don’t get me wrong…I’m a fanatical Canadian, former soccer coach and ref …and while the ref did , being overwhelmed by the whole scenario, display incompetence, I was dismayed throughout the second half at the myriad times that the Canadian players were either slow to the ball and/or react and/or cough up the ball impulsively and stupidly to an awaiting American player. I counted up to 5 give-aways in a row at one point. They played substandard football in their end of the field. The last goal by the Americans is readily traced to the slow movement of the defender compared to the quicker American to get to0 the ball. She was allowed the freedom to cross the ball in. That is not Olympic caliber play. They were not equal to the Americans…I’m sorry to say.

  10. Further to the ScrewCanadalympics……..I forgot the Chinese athlete in trampoline who FELL DOWN but managed to out score Canadian Karen Cockburn.

    Screwed out of a bronze.

    Not sure how much more of the Olympic officiating I can stomach.

  11. This referee’s incompetence ruined an all-time classic soccer match. This was a fantastic game with a great effort from both teams, and each team also had great individual performances. But a referee with an out of control ego changed all that. She didn’t like that she wasn’t the centre of attention, so she abused her authority to make sure she was. And she sure got what she wanted. Now, no one is talking about Christine Sinclair’s performance for the ages, or about Megan Rapinoe’s gutsy efforts. Instead, they are talking about the referee. Christiana W Pedersen, you are a disgrace and I hope that justice is done and you are never allowed to influence the outcome of another soccer game.

  12. Christiana Pedersen what are you going to do with all that money in your account!
    (They are considering a full Investigation on her)…. shame on Olympics and FIFA!
    F,raud I,nternational F,ootball A,ssociation

  13. I noticed earlier in the game that the goalie was taking forever to get rid of the ball. This may have been accumulating in the mind of the referee. Walmbach may have noticed this earlier and was drawing attention to it now. It would be like asking for a stick measurement after the team got a penalty in order to have a 5-3 advantage.

    Pederson also called Canada for an offensive hand ball when it hit the player’s chest and shoulder. It all comes down to the hand ball that was not called when the US had one in their penalty area.

    I also thought that it was a pretty quick whistle, after the celebration for the final go ahead goal, to end the game.

    FIFA need replay, simple as that. It is the game with the shortest running time so extra time will not hurt it at all.

    1. Rugby is only 40 minuteseach way.
      Want to see a rugby tackle see the US player take down the Japanese player just before the ball goes over their heads. Even in rugby that would be a foul,the player bein tackled has to be carrying the ball

    1. The Canadian captain is reported as saying that when she asked the so-called referee the reason for the controversial delay of game call (if it was indeed for that) the reason for the call she, Pedersen just giggled. professional!

  14. after the game i founnd myself emotionally drained because i saw the moment christina pederson broke the canadian spirit in that game and i knew we lost before the game was done.this was more than a bad call which is possible in a fast paced game,this was strait bias

  15. Absolutely, when you are complicent with a biased call – how can you say you won fairly – but hold it didn’t they shoot at the British from behind trees – and had the French fight their battle against Cornwallis at Yorktown – How often do you hear American media even acknowledge that the opposition exists, let alone has talent?

  16. When I become a FIFA official (3/4 ways there) I am going to try my hardest to have a full inquiry of Ms. Pedersen. Ugh.

  17. Screwing Continues – at least at Bronze

    Custio Clayton took Great Britain’s Freddie Evans to a draw decision in their fight 14 – 14. Evans had been warned 3 times for holding down Clayton’s head which, according to the rules, is a 1 point deduction. No deduction was made and Evans won on a “count-back” decision. Canadian boxing submitted a formal protest which was denied saying basically that “the referee’s warnings weren’t warranted”. On the previous Friday the United States won an identical protest for their boxer Errol Spence (the only remaining US boxer in competition).

  18. Let me get this straight – FIFA is investigating the Canadian women’s soccer team for their comments following the USA vs Canada Olympic match and NOT investigating the officiating? This only reinforces the international perception that FIFA is a poorly run, just-for-ratings, corrupt and mismanaged organization. Why did the official need the US player Abby Wambauch to count for her and why is the official making a call on the advice of a player? The US goalkeeper also held the ball in excess of the allotted six seconds on a number of occasions in this game but without Wambauch counting for her, Pederson was “unable” to make a call against her. FIFA’s support of the clearly corrupt officiating only gives the appearance that it was done either at the direction of FIFA or, at the very least, with FIFA’s support. The fact that they are now launching an investigation against the Canadian players only serves to indicate that we can expect further corrupt officiating and that they are threatening the players with disciplinary action in order to keep their dirty little secret. What a bunch of bullies! What ever happened to our right of freedom of speech? FIFA is making a joke of a proud sport and are a disgrace to the Olympics and soccer/football!

    1. I totally agree. They are trying to scare them so that they will shut up. What was said at the end of the game was only what most everyone other than those from the US where thinking! Not only did they get screwed over by the US-biased reffing but now also from the organization that is supposed to protect teams from such injustice. SHAME ON YOU FIFA!!!

  19. We all know how it goes if the yanks ain’t winning then they have to get help,the decisions by the Norwegian ref were almost beyond comprehension,the first one about delay of game was totally bogus in every honest persons eyes know matter which country on the Planet you live in,lets hope she crawls back into the hole she came from never to appear on a soccer field again.

    The second call for handball was in many ways was worst than the first the ruling is hand on ball,not ball on hand, “IE” putting you arm and hand out in such away as to stop the balls progress in the Penalty area,in this case the player was simply in the way the arm hand were not sticking out from the body merely protecting the chest from the approaching ball,quite accidental in my view.

    Now we here that FIFA God love em are going to review what the Canadian players said in the heat of unjust refereeing after the game as opposed to reviewing the referees performance,”Figures”,they must think we’re all bloody daft out here,as i was watching the game it occurred to me that at some point the ref would make some idiotic call which i was hoping would not be against the Canadians,no such luck I’ve seen it so many times over the years It’s almost become common place,well that’s my rant just had to get it out feel a lot better now.

  20. I wonder what this blog would reflect if the call, which is legal (watch the replay and see hoe long Erin McLeod holds the ball for), if the Americans were complaining because Canada pulled the win in the same manner. We’re sore losers, always have been, and unless we develop better athletes, always will be. Findley gave it her all so did other athletes. The ones that talk are all that, talk. Scary boxer gets knocked out I thought she liked her opponents to fear her. Turns out they don’t because they knock her out. And that loser Whitfield if he would have kept his mouth shut and not degrade the hard working trainers he would have perhaps finished his race. You can blame anyone you want but you can’t outrun truth. There was questionable officiating, but when it comes to this the call was right. Just because it doesn’t get called often it doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. And at 3-3 Sinclair could have made it 4. It was anyone’s game. It will be interesting to see what excuse we’ll come out with if lose to France.

    1. If the call was right the ref shoud have awarded a yellow card. An if it was a hand ball in the penalty box then a red card should have been awarded to the two players the ball hit.

      1. The ‘Rules’ are actually called ‘Laws’ and are available here, together with FIFA’s ‘Interpretation of the Laws of the Game and Guidelines for Referees’:

        The ‘Law’ for the goalkeeper keeping possession for more than 6 seconds is covered under Law 12 (page 35 of the above publication), from which it can clearly be seen that no warning or ‘caution’ is required. It could even be argued, successfully, I believe, that to do anything other than award an indirect free kick is contrary to the Laws. Some pundits even say that is why the Law is rarely enforced, because the penalty is so harsh.

        Now was it an unusual call, I believe the answer is yes. Was it a legitimate call? I believe it was. Was it applied fairly? I do not believe so, the US ‘keeper kept the ball for longer than 6 seconds in her possession shortly after the incident and was not penalized, is this fair application of the ‘Law’ or is it selective? Did the ref. have her eyes shut all that time, or was she playing favourites? If you are going to be strict, to be fair, you have to be strict with everyone.

        Now on to what really irks me, the taking of the free kick. This is covered on page 125 of the above publication. Kicking the ball at an opponent during the correct execution of a free kick is allowed provided it is not ‘careless’, ‘reckless’ or ‘using excessive force’, the FIFA definitions of these terms are given on page 111 of the above publication. It is my contention that the US player who executed the free kick did it in a manner that was at the very least ‘reckless’ and very likely qualified for description (using the FIFA definition) of ‘using excessive force’. Both should have resulted in a free kick to the opposition with a caution (yellow card) for the former and sending off (red card) for the latter. ‘Careless’ play only requires a free kick. Did the referee take any of this into consideration? I do not think so; I believe that the US player who took the free kick did so as hard as she could (or very close to it) at the stationary defending players without regard to the possible injury she could cause to those players. That being said ‘Playing the ball in a dangerous manner’ (page 115 of the above publication) should, in my opinion, also apply to this situation but does not because it only applies to a player ‘trying’ to play the ball.

        Just some of my thoughts and observations on the procedure, I would like to be able to call it a game, but the overall performance of the person appointed as a referee makes that impossible. That was the worst performance of a so-called referee in a high-level football game (yes I am a Brit. and it is football to anyone outside N. America) that I have ever seen, and I am now pushing 70 so I have seen a few ‘bad-uns’. It was at only about 5 minutes into the game, when the Canadian player gave the US player a ‘piggy back ride’, that I remarked to my wife that the Canadians were not only playing the US team but the referee as well. I know there were missed calls by the so-called referee that may have benefited the US side had they been made but this, in my opinion, only further solidifies the evidence that Ms Pedersen is, at the very least, incompetent, or perhaps something even worse. Be strict by all means, it will, in my opinion, ‘spoil’ the flow of the game but should it be applied fairly there is little room for complaint.
        Would it have made any difference to the outcome of the game if had been officiated fairly? I do not know, the teams were, in my opinion, very close ability wise. However now look at the facts, prior to this game, no team had scored against the US, Canada scored three times. I know the US scored four but one of those was the result of an ‘unusual’ decision followed by complete disregard for the Laws of The Game (just my opinion). Therefore discounting that one goal we have a draw. Now imagine the frustration even the slowest witted, and most generous minded Canadian players must have felt when they eventually realised, and at the end of the ’incident’ there could be little doubt, that they were also ‘playing the ref.’ Additionally, at the end of the ‘incident’, despondency would, I believe not be unnatural together with the fear that they may be penalized for some other little enforced law. On the other side think of the ‘lift’ the US players must have had when they realised that they were unlikely to be penalized, the handball in the US penalty area shortly before the ‘incident’, the ‘incident’ itself, and the flagrant breaking of the six second Law by the US ‘keeper shortly after the incident all would contribute to this and must have ‘knocked the stuffing’ right out of the Canadian girls, but they still tried despite, the by now, blatantly obvious odds against them. My hat goes off to them!

        Please note I am not taking anything away from the US team, they also played hard and brilliantly and took full advantage of every opportunity they had but they must surely wonder what the result would have been with fair officiating. To those who say Canada would have won I say why are you not billionaires? I believe it was to close to call.

    2. And pray tell what planet are you from,yes it comes across as being sore losers or not having enough talent and you could have all the talent in the world but with refereeing like that it wouldn’t help.
      Anyone with any honesty in there blood could sniff out that the fix was in,you talk about the call being right, “NOT” I’ve been watching soccer all my life I’m 67 and know about rules and that particular one I’ve yet to see called in any game I’ve ever seen”Go figure”and your final comment on if we loose to France tells me you need to get a life, see if you can outrun that truth “A”.

  21. Can you imagine Christine Sinclair doing the ref’s job and counting verbally and on her fingers the second Hope Solo holds on to a ball? Wambach has no class. May they crash and burn against Japan.

  22. “The Women’s Olympic Football Tournament 2012 has the gold medal match fans the world over wanted to see, a rerun of the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2011 final.” This is a headline on the FIFA website a day after the controversial game between Canada and the US. Canada must not count as part of this elite group of “fans the world over.” There it is folks, the sad reality of what is important to this organization. They want numbers, standings, anything that will generate MONEY. Nobody wins in this atmosphere of biased influence. The “Cup” is tarnished. I won’t be watching the gold medal match and I certainly won’t be buying the sponsor’s products when I find out who they are.

    1. Well said Grace “The Women’s Olympic Football Tournament 2012 has the gold medal match fans the world over wanted to see, a rerun of the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2011 final.” This is a headline on the FIFA website a day after the controversial game between Canada and the US. Canada must not count as part of this elite group of “fans the world over.” Wow if this doesnt describe the pressure FIFA would apply to a ref to get the outcome it wants I dont know what does. The Game of the century was just played and FIFA doesnt acknowledge that.

  23. Why isn’t Christina Pedersen making any comments to defend her actions..??? FIFA wont tolerate any negative comments regarding thier officials..??? I was just informed that she will not be part of the rest of Olympics….If she is so good, why oh’ why not let her ref next games…answer that one FIFA…??? She probably put on her dark sunglasses and usa baseball cap….and fled to the airport. Investigate her bank account and her families as well…!!! SAD SAD SAD !!!! gives everyone a black eye and send’s a horrible message to our youth !!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. They say that ” True colors” eventually shine….Investigate her past…100 % !!!! don’t just look at the surface of this dig deep…really deep !!!!! This cannot be her only pay-out !!!! Too bad she can’t count in USA TIME….1,2,3,4,5,6,7, ha ha ha
    I wonder hen her new car is being delivered to her…???
    She should get the gold metal of SHAME !!!!!!!!!!!!!! Put her up there on the podeum and let her have her day….Let’s see what the world thinks…???? Come on FIFA pull up your pants !!!!!

  25. My issue is that FIFA should wish to have the best officiating crews at their games…better quality as the stakes increase. However, by having female officials call female games while having males call male games, it would seem that one of the genders is being shorted. The best is the best regardless of gender and FIFA should consider this rather than pandering to social pressures.
    Within Monday’s game, the referee made some terrible calls for both sides but was bullied into making the >6 seconds call, which is unfortunate but still a legitimite call (and McLeod has been crossing this line on a regular basis all tournament). The resulting handball was the real blown call as it was clearly ball-to-hand and should have been “play on”.
    Also remember, as painful as it is, that the goal off the corner was the result of our errors on the near post and McLeod and the Rapino’s other goal was the result of some very lazy defending / shot prevention.
    Do I feel that something great was taken from us? My heart says absolutely but my head says that it shouldn’t have been close in the first place.
    I hope suspensions aren’t given but, regardless of that, I hope that Team Canada does well and brings home the Bronze medal. They are champions in my eyes and I am proud of this team!

    1. Well give your HEAD a shake. With your logic why bother play the game? Canadians come up with an A++ effort, get jobbed, but oh well they shouldn’t win anyway? Really?

      1. dave, when he said it should not have been close, i believe he meant canada would have had a firm 2 goal lead, not 1, if we had been able to defend a corner kick properly in the first half. there’s truth in that.

  26. Totally agree! Canada was totally robbed. Christina Pedersen should be ashamed of her obvious call to ensure that the United States won the game. Makes one wonder was she possibly swayed by someone or an organization ? Let’s not forget that perhaps they…whoever they are thought that having United States in the final two would draw more viewers? Canada was obviously the better team. If FIFA looks into anything it should be the referee and an immediate stripping of her credentials.

  27. I could tell from the very beginning that this referee was biased, but could not believe she would be allowed to throw the game as she did. What ever happened to the best team winning FIFA? It is all about the money. The US team will forever be reminded of this injustice.

    1. Cheryl, please the referee has the ultimate authority for the the game and in this case she used it, in Spades.
      FIFA has not, as yet, taken any action against the Canadians who spoke out, which in itself is unusual. Should my memory serve me correctly there was a boxing match at the Rome Olympics which was subject to the same type of biased/incompetent officiating. As we have here the result could not be altered but the referee did not I believe, referee anything of consequece thereafter. Nothing official just pushed to the sidelines. Should we be lucky we may see something similar here with just a minor admonishment to the Canadians concerned. Would be a very satisfactory outcome as far as I am concerned.
      Only time will tell.

  28. This is an obvious case of an individual who was in a position to effect the outcome of the game, made a series of calls that she hoped would find her in favor by the Superstar Americans. All be it for a very short period of time. The pampered Americans have all ready convinced themselves they won by their own talent. They won’t even remember the refereeing, let alone appreciate the help.

  29. So, She has left London….Why…??? Such a great fifa trained,certified ref…!!!! Come fifa….all high and mighty !!!! you certified this ( SLUG ). !!!! TWO – Faced FIFA !!!!! IOC is of equal blame…!!!! HORRIBLE !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  30. It’s real simple: Canada failed to play by the rules, purposefully delayed the game over and over, and played very dirty while trying to say the US plays dirty. It was a great game, but the Canadians are soiling it by being such very bad sports. Cleat on the head much?

    1. max, really? dirty play?? an honest review of the tancredi incident would likely suggest it was an accident. it sure looks like tancredi was light on her feet when she realized she had struck Lloyd’s head. Lloyd seems to be uninjured. You would think an’intentional’ head stomp might cause some damage and injury. Didn’t happen. It might look bad on video, but look again, tancredi pulls her foot back. It’s not a stomp.

      The game was physical and rough, there was tons of shirt pulling, tripping, even some spiking going on … from both sides. Don’t kid yourselves. Your team is well known for this. Canada gave it right back to USA and was in position for an epic upset. Until ….. well, you know the rest of the story. Ref steps in, changes the game, gives unfair advantage to USA.

      The ref denied this game being decided by the players. USA is the top team in women’s football, they did not need the ref’s assistance. But Wambach sure thought they did, and she harassed the ref until the ref caved in and used a never-used rule, first, then a wrong call on hand-ball next.

      USA should be just as upset that this referee, Christina Pederson, is all that people are talking about. The amazing game, Sinclair’s hattrick, Rapinoe’s brace, these are all secondary now. World opinion, outside USA and Canada, is that the ref completely blew it. Silver or gold will be tainted for USA now. Put a big asterisk next to their results.

  31. I am super proud of the Canadian Woman’s Team! They deserve better than what the FIFA is giving them and they are now threatening to kick out Christine Sinclair…..wow!

    Watching Detroit News Last night – their sport anchor (Bennie S) mentioned the game and showed some highlights. He said if Team USA had these calls against them they would be going crazy in the States.

  32. I am so thrilled many of you read my post, and contacted FIFA. I was lucky to be the first commenter on this particular story, so that important post of mine (With FIFA’s contact page) is right at the top of the comments for everyone to see.

    Thanks everyone for supporting the Canadian Women’s soccer team, and fairness in sports!

  33. The Canadians had every right to be upset. Delay of game penalties are given, mainly on goal kicks, which can result in a yellow card, but if the rule is followed to the letter then it should consistently apply to throw ins as well. This is not usually done, especially in high end, international play and the penalty given to McLeod has not been given in international play since 2002. Although the six second rule is on the FIFA books Refs are advised that any count cannot begin until the Keeper has full control of herself and the ball and this penalty is only given if the time is extensive. Refs do not whistle the play at 8 or 10 seconds and warnings from the Line Refs, reminding keepers to keep the game moving, do not count as official warnings. This, and the following hand-ball penalty, were calls made by a Ref who should not have been officiating at such a high level game. Experienced and balanced Refs are not easily swayed by players actions and this should not have happened. Yes, as a Canadian, I am upset with both calls. Our women had a very good shot at winning so it is upsetting, however, as someone who has followed soccer for years and has played and coached, I don’t like to see any game where inept officiating causes such a major change in outcome.

  34. Can Someone help me..??? If there is a free kick and males are covering thier ( Privates ) and the ball hits the hand…Is that hand ball??? Humm, Isn’t that what essentially happened in this game just different parts.. Ball on hand, or hand on ball….I saw NO intention…!!!!

  35. Yes it is very upsetting. It is unfair. But it is very important to Americans to show the world they can beat other countries in gym class. Let them have this, it makes up for their world reading, writing, math and sciences standings… If they put as much money in education as they did in gym class we might all be in big trouble…
    As for the ref… she sucks and everyone should write to fifa…

  36. A thought has just occurred to me. I have just read a post that says the free kick that led to the 3rd US goal was OUTSIDE the penalty area, can anyone confirm this?
    We do not know why the free kick actually awarded, the Canadian captain is reported as saying that when she asked her (Pedersen) she (Pedersen) just giggled.
    The channel I was watching the commentator first thought it might be for the ‘keeper handling the ball outside the penalty area. The instant replay quickly showed this not to be the case.
    The free kick has to be taken at the spot the at which the infraction took place (except in the goalkeeper’s box). Now the 6 second law does not apply outside the penalty area. It cannot as the ‘keeper is not allowed to handle the ball outside the penalty area.So if Ms Pedersen awarded a free kick for the 6 second law she was error, if she awarded it for the ‘keeper handling the ball outside the penalty area she would again be in error, as the instant replay shows.
    I would appreciate anyone with a recording of the ‘game’ to look at it and just tell me/us where the free kick was taken from.
    Tha you.

  37. The free kick was taken inside the penalty area. Lets no forget that the ref missed a blatent US hand ball in the box minutes earlier and gave a late USA corner kick when clearly the ball was out for a goal kick. These calls were so bad that it looks very suspicious that there was a fix going on.

    1. Tod – Re the Corner Kick
      For the ball to be out of play the entire ball has to be completely over the outside edge of the touch or goal line. From the ‘instant replay’ I saw I was unable to determine if this was actually the case, certainly the bottom of the ball had cleared the outside edge of the goal line but had the entire ball? I am not sure.
      What I am sure of is that the ball was kicked by a US player who had left the field of play, without, as far as I can ascertain the referee’s permission, a yellow card offence. Under the circumstances not normally penalized unless the player does something else untoward. In fact FIFA’s guidelines say that it should not be penalized if it is accidental. In my opinion that was not accidental, the US player deliberately left the field of play to gain a tactical advantage and having done so tried to play the ball.
      This is, to my mind at least, further proof, as if it is really needed, that Pedersen is/was incompetent/biased/corrupt.

  38. Thx for screwing the hardest working team for your own self gains! With cameras to prove things this day an age, how can you say the call was correct ? Corruption at its finnest.

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