The price of gasoline has soared in Edmonton in the past week, beginning with the traditional holiday weekend gouging, and continuing with another outrageous 6-cent a litre hike on Wednesday. Gas in Edmonton is now at $1.29 a litre; one month ago, it was at $1.04. That means a 50-litre fill-up now costs an extra $12.50 today than it did just 30 days ago.

Why have gas prices gone up so dramatically in so little time? Why are gas prices in Edmonton approaching all-time record highs? What possible justification is there for gas prices to jump, in tandem, at all gas stations in Edmonton?

Who knows? Certainly not the news media, which has simply given up even asking Big Oil for a justification for their rip-off prices.

Unjustified gas price hikes hurt everyone who drives, and yet the media simply yawns.

Consider today’s Edmonton Journal — not one word. Not even a stock photo. Same with the Edmonton Sun (online version, anyway) although they did find room on their website for a close-up photo of Rihanna’s colossal behind, and a video. (The Journal did come through with a story on Friday, with the usual stock answers from Big Oil apologists, but no actual interviews with the oil companies themselves.)

I checked the Calgary Sun online, and they did cover the price-hike. The online story says:

“They’re going up, way up, again. Gas prices that soared before the May Long Weekend have spiked again, with at least one gas station in the city selling it for $1.34 a litre. listed the average price in the city Wednesday at $1.27, up from $1.22 a week ago.”

And that’s the story. The ENTIRE story.

I watched Global News this morning, and they did essentially the same thing: gas has gone up, they told viewers. Explanation not offered.

However, not every media outlet has quit doing its job. The Calgary Herald story actually talked to an “energy analyst” (who he analyzes energy for is not mentioned), who could barely stifle his yawn while discussing the price hike.

“It’s really much ado about nothing,” so-called “energy analyst” Peter Linder is quoted as yawning. “It comes around every year and we refuse to accept it.

“It’s just another commodity determined by supply and demand factors.” He casually predicted that prices should hit $1.35 or $1.37 sometime this summer.

This is total bullshit, of course. Prices don’t jump 25 cents in a month every year. ‘Supply and demand’ has absolutely nothing to do with the price of gas in Edmonton and Calgary right now; the supply of gas is not different today that it was yesterday or last month, nor is the demand that much different.

I can’t think of a single commercial product — and certainly no product as vitally important as gasoline — whose price varies so spectacularly, and almost always in the ‘huge jump’ category rather than the ‘huge decline’ side. Big Oil has us exactly where they want us: a captive market, no real competition, a complacent media, and federal and provincial governments acting as shills for their industry.

It’s a good time to be in the oil business. As always.

(Oh, and that video of Rihanna’s giant behind? It’s at I put this at the end so I wouldn’t lose all my readers in mid-rant.)


3 thoughts on “Gas prices soar! Media yawns.

  1. Well the problem with the prices, is simply world market value. Even though a local Supplier can supply a product cheaply to its community/Vendor. It sells for world market value. even if he only delivers it down the street. Although with all the red tape to cross to be a local supplier he has to sell for world market prices just to make a buck. Permits, license’s, inspections, all the money going to government (to keep it fair and regulated) small guys close doors or sells to big guys. I say shop at your farmers markets, and keep the money in the community’s.

  2. Maurice old buddy!

    How can you be so disdainful of my friends at Big Oil? Have you seen the number of truly gigantic fifth-wheelers that have suddenly clotted highway traffic? Now those really are some giant posteriors. Get those overweight puppies off the road and fuel prices will return to something like normal.

    Brian Burton

  3. Absolutely outrageous; both the gouging and the lack of any organized reporting on it. It’s a shame and shame on these useless ‘reporters’ and their overlords. There should be riots! I’m not longing to turn into a country like Venezuela but that’s what those guys do whenever there’s talk of ripping them off for gas. Yet we just lay right down. A 25% increase in two weeks is destructive and brazen.

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