Do you know how hard it is to avoid the weather?

If you walk out of your house, it’s impossible, of course. What I’m talking about is avoiding conversation or ‘news’ about weather. It’s well nigh impossible, as I have discovered.

When winter came a knockin’ at Edmonton’s door (earlier, and more persistent than usual), I decided to take a different tact to surviving another winter in the GWN (Great White North).

Simply put, I would ignore it.

I had come to the realization that watching weather forecasts on TV, or reading cliché ridden weather stories in the paper (deep freeze, white stuff, blah blah blah) was becoming an obsession with me. Edmonton TV news, like local news everywhere, devotes more time to weather than anything else. During the winter months (here in Edmonton, roughly anytime from October to March) TV newscasts kick their weather fetish into overdrive, the more apocalyptic the better. Heavy snowfall warnings! Extreme cold warnings! Extreme weather warnings! During an especially extreme weather occurrence, it’s not unusual for a TV weatherperson to make three or more appearances on a newscast, saying EXACTLY THE SAME THING every time. Then of course there are the obligatory ‘news’ stories about the weather, usually featuring a shivering reporter standing outside telling us — news bulletin! — it’s cold! When the temperature dipped to -30 here in the GWN, it was the lead story on the local news. Well, I KNOW it was cold. I went outside that day. Shouldn’t the news tell me something I DON’T know?

May I ask, what’s the point?

Do we really need to know WHY it’s cold or snowy? Do we need Doppler radar or Storm Tracker weather or whatever the hell they call it to tell us why it’s cold/snowy? Not really. You need to know the current temperature, what’s in store for tomorrow, and maybe how long the cold is going to last. Otherwise, it’s all filler. For TV news, it’s a lot easier to hire a meteorologist to fill time than it is to hire a reporter to tell you something worth knowing.

You see, there is absolutely nothing you can do about the weather. It is what it is. You bundle up. You shovel. You plug your car in. And you go about your life.

At least, that’s my new attitude towards winter weather, and it has given me a little peace of mind. I have actively ignored weather forecasts or weather stories … but do you know how hard that is?

If you watch TV news for more than 2 minutes, you’ll get a weather story. Talk to anyone for any length of time, and you’ll get a ‘supposeta’ story, as in “It’s supposta go to -30”, or “It’s supposeta snow like crazy”.

Here’s the thing: as of this winter, I don’t care what’s ‘supposeta’ happen. Don’t tell me. I don’t want to live in dread of what might come. I don’t want to spend days waiting for a snowpocalypse, or a coldtastrophy. I figure life will be better if I just don’t pay any attention to the weather, and just accept it as it is knowing full well that even the heaviest snowfall or the worst cold snap is only a temporary setback, a blip if you will. Serenity now.

So far, it’s working. We’ve had a record amount of snow for November, and already a couple of days of wind-chill pushing -40. And does it bother me? Not at all.

Now, when January comes around ….


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