After months of being labelled “just not ready” by the Conservative attack machine, the Liberals have launched a counteroffensive. Let’s call it the Just Not Ready for Being Just Not Ready campaign.

The Liberals aired a campaign ad this week that featured Justin Trudeau — no tie, no jacket — addressing the Just Not Ready ads head on. In the ad, Trudeau agrees he’s just not ready — but he’s “just not ready to watch hard-working Canadians lose jobs and fall further behind.” According to a story in the Globe and Mail, a polling firm that tracks reactions to campaign ads found the Trudeau ad quite effective. The share of respondents who viewed Trudeau as the most competent leader and the one who “cares for people like me” went up six percentage points after seeing the ad. And the perception that Trudeau stands up for the middle class went up 17 per cent. of course, it’s always good to be on the side of “hard working Canadian families”. After all, what other kind of Canadian family is there? A hard working Canadian family is just like a good driver — everyone’s a good driver. Just ask anyone.

Meanwhile, the boy in the bubble, Stephen Harper, continued his invitation only campaign appearances, but one backfired badly. A group of Canadian military veterans said they were denied access to a Stephen Harper event held at a legion in New Brunswick Monday morning. Yep … veterans shut out of a legion. Things are not going well for Harper so far. He is dogged by questions about the Mike Duffy trial, which must be annoying for a guy who hasn’t taken a dozen question from the media in a year. Harper’s new tact when asked a question he doesn’t like is to say “I don’t accept the premise of your question”, which is a classic example of Harper-speak. He ‘answers’ a question by rejecting the premise, rephrasing it the way he wants it to sound, then answers his own question.

On the left side of the ledger, NDP leader Thomas Mulcair was called just as dictatorial as Conservative Leader Stephen Harper, according to a New Democrat turned-Green MP named Bruce Hyer. In a Facebook post Sunday, Hyer wrote that if voters handed Mulcair and the NDP a majority government this fall, Canadians would be on their way to enjoying “another dictatorial Prime Minister. “Mulcair is a ruthless man who will say and do anything to get elected. Just like Stephen Harper. He certainly is not Jack Layton, and the NDP is no longer the Democratic Party that it was under Jack Layton.” As perhaps the only person in Canada immune from the so-called charms of Jack Layton, this could be a good thing.

And finally, here is one video clip that perfectly encapsulates the classic Stephen Harper supporter. Check out this insane rant by a Conservative supporter directed at CBC and CTV reporters who had the temerity to ask Harper some questions he didn’t like.


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