There’s nothing else to say about the U.S. election anymore, is there? But I will anyway.

The Republican nominee, Donald J. Trump, is demonstrably and unquestionably a horrifying candidate, the worst in not just memory but almost certainly in history. He’s a bully, a braggart, and a con man who has lowered political discourse to levels not seen in history. His policies, such as they are, are asinine and unworkable. He’s said multiple things that are clearly racist and sexist. Oh, have I mentioned that he’s a liar? A HUGE, HUGE liar.

And he could STILL WIN!

Monday’s debate between Trump and Smilin’ Hillary Clinton was a massacre. Trump was unprepared, did not answer questions clearly, sniffled throughout like a coke addict (which former presidential candidate Howard Dean suggested), and rattled off dozens of lies. Trump, for example, denied that he said the Chinese created the global warming hoax. Of course, he had Tweeted exactly that in 2012: “The concept of global warming was created by and for the Chinese in order to make U.S. manufacturing non-competitive”. He accused Clinton of fighting ISIS for all of her adult life, bragged about not paying taxes (“That makes me smart”), was proud of his wish that the U.S. housing market would collapse so he could make money (“That’s called business, by the way.”), and suggested that the hack of the Democratic Party could have been done by “somebody siting on their bed who weighs 400 pounds”. Any single one of these statements would have destroyed any candidate, in any country, in any election.

And he could STILL WIN!

Want more? Now he’s at war with a former Miss Universe, whom he accused in a Tweet that he wrote at THREE AM of making pornographic videos. And now Newsweek has found that he did business with Cuba, which was illegal at the time.  And now the New York Times has revealed that Trump may not have paid any taxes for 18 years.

And he could STILL WIN!

And in non-news

Prince What’s-his-name and his wife, Princess Somebody-or-other, and their two snotty little kids are on a tour of B.C and the Yukon. The highlight of the tour so far was little Prince Turd (it might be George) refused to give Justin Trudeau either a high five, or even a low five. That pretty much covers anything of interest. The tremendous news value of the tour is perfectly captured by this actual headline from the Edmonton Journal: “Royal Family delights in balloons, bubbles.”

Blackberry RIP

Remember the BlackBerry? The Canadian communication device that invented the smartphone is hanging it up. BlackBerry announced this week that it is exiting the hardware game to concentrate on software. BlackBerry was once worth $80 billion and sold millions of phones a quarter. In the most recent quarter, the company brought in just $105 million in hardware sales, with only 400,000 sold.

Remember magazines?

Big changes announced at Rogers, Canada’s largest magazine publisher. The company has announced that Chatelaine is going from 12 issues a year to 6, that Canadian Business will go strictly digital, and most importantly Maclean’s magazine will end its weekly print edition in favour of a weekly website, and publish only once a month. I can’t say this is a huge surprise. At any one time in the past I would have three or four magazine subscriptions on the go. Now I have none.

World Cup of Yawns

Canada, as expected, won the World Cup of Hockey this week, going without a loss in the tournament. The victory touched off a coast-to-coast round of “oh, that’s nice” comments from a deeply disinterested public. There were actually empty seats in Toronto for the championship series games, owing in no small part to the fact that Canada was facing off against a team called Europe, made up of smaller hockey playing countries. Who can cheer for Europe, or against Europe? We all hate Russia and the U.S., even Sweden, but Europe?  While the players were clearly thrilled with winning, the general public’s interest was minimal at best. I hope this isn’t the NHL’s way of weaselling out of playing in the Olympics.


Shimon Peres, 93, former president of Israel … Arnold Palmer, 87, one of the greatest golfers of all time and the man credited with giving golf its mainstream popularity. Muhammad Ali, Gordie Howe and Arnold Palmer, all gone in one year  … Oscar Brand, 96, Canadian-American folk singer who penned a famous pro-Canada song called Something to Sing About (This Land of Ours) that was the theme of the old TV show Let’s Sing Out.


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