So, what’s there to report on the week before Christmas?

Well, there was a terrorist attack in Berlin that killed 12 people. Who wants to even think about that on Christmas? Another pathetic loser ruins the lives of much better people. Don’t want to talk about that. Then there’s the horrendous event in Spruce Grove, where a father does the unthinkable and kills his sons, for reasons perhaps never to be known, and certainly never to be understood.

And Donald Trump is another week closer to being the President of the Disunited States.

Ugh. Let’s just forget this past week, and most of the past year, and enjoy the only day of the year when the world just seems to take the day off and do nothing but eat and enjoy the company of family and friends. Merry Christmas to the handful of people who regularly take a few moments to read these ramblings.


Gordie Tapp, 94, Canadian country singer and comic who appeared on the CBC’s Country Hoedown before moving onto greater success on Hee Haw …  Ken Baird, 63, former forward with the Edmonton Oilers in the WHA days … Zsa Zsa Gabor, 99, not especially successful  actress but very successful celebrity and serial husband collector. Long before Paris Hilton and those wretched Kardashian creatures, there was Zsa Zsa, celebrated for being a celebrity.




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