Sixty two million, nine hundred and seventy nine thousand, eight hundred and seventy nine.

unknown-1That’s how many people voted for Donald Trump. And that’s how many people should be looking at themselves in the mirror and saying “What the #@*% was I THINKING?”

Yes, you 62,979,879, this is on you.

Sure, you can blame Hillary Clinton – cold, calculating, devious, privileged, ethically slippery, old, female, etc. And you can point to Benghazi and the private email server scandals, even though you’re not exactly sure why you were outraged, but you sure were. And you can blame the Democrats for taking their base for granted. And yes, you can blame ‘the system’ which you saw as so corrupt that it needed a complete housecleaning. And OK, you can say that you really, really wanted to Make America Great Again, a tacit admission that it wasn’t great anymore.

Yeah, there are lots of reasons, and you can rationalize all you like. But here’s the bottom line: you were presented with someone who was revealed during the campaign to be a circus clown, a compulsive liar, a 1950s-era sexist pig, a duplicitous businessman with a string of dubious failed business ventures behind him, a foul-mouthed vulgarian, a man who wasn’t qualified to be the mayor of Pocatello, Idaho much less the most powerful nation on earth … AND YOU VOTED FOR HIM!

Now, to be fair, not every one of you 62,979,897 have to take the blame for his. At least a third of those who voted for Trump were just stupid. I think that number if fair. I mean, think about all of the people you know – friends, relatives, co-workers, neighbours – and chances are that you consider more than a few of them to be stupid. The kind of person that causes you to roll your eyes at the very mention of their name, while muttering, “He is SUCH an idiot.” These are people who are, for whatever reason, just naturally stupid. They don’t know it, of course, which makes them even stupider. You can’t get mad at them for voting from Trump any more than you can get mad at a blind man for bumping into you.

Then there are people who just vote Republican. About 28% of Americans declare themselves to be Republican. These are often they type of people who always vote Republican, because their daddy voted Republican, and their granddaddy voted Republican, and their great-granddaddy voted Republican, and their great-great granddaddy voted Republican. There is no talking sense to these people either. They are in the general classification of being stupid, but for a reason.

So, that leaves maybe a third of the 62,979,897 people who voted for Trump – people who were not just plain stupid, or Republican stupid – who made an educated, active decision to vote for Trump. I’ve seen these people on TV. Nice, middle class folks, house in the suburbs, solid job, well educated. These people, millions of them, looked at this clownish, lying, sexist, racist xenophobe, and said, “Sure, let’s give him a shot. Couldn’t be any worse than what we have, right?”

Yes, it’s you folks who handed control of the most important government in the free world to someone with zero experience in government. You’d be enraged if your company put an entirely inexperienced person in charge of your office, but you were OK with your government being run by an idiot. You’re the ones who have given Russia – evil, rotten, Russia – the upper hand in their quest for eastern European domination. You folks rolled the dice on electing a clearly unhinged, orange-tinted egomaniac in the hopes that he would turn out to be a pretty good guy after all.

Well, it didn’t work out that way, did it? And this is on you.


3 thoughts on “This is on you, American voters

  1. Yes! These are the people I will never understand. And the whole world suffers. How much time, energy, attention and passion will be expended in following or protesting this clown show that could be used to solve real problems?

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