Stuff Still Happens, week 1: Happy new year … sort of

Welcome to 2016! Let’s start the year by forgetting old animosities, starting fresh and looking forward to an era of peace and goodwill between all religions and peoples. In that spirit, Iran and Saudi Arabia are engaged in a violent spat over, basically, something that happened in 632. This week, Saudi Arabia (which is Muslim, […]

Stuff Happens, week 34: One little boy changes everything.

The Syrian refugee crisis has convulsed Europe for weeks now, while making only the tiniest dent in the North American conscience. But that all changed this weeks thanks to one little boy, and one gut-wrenching photograph. All this year, thousands of desperate Syrian refugees have been pouring into Europe in numbers far too numerous for […]

Stuff Happens, week 24: McMania; a flag flap; PACing it in

OMG! OMG! OMG! Connor McDavid is an Oiler! Connor McDavid is an Oiler! Connor McDavid is an Oiler! Sigh. Poor Connor. The hopes of an entire city are apparently resting on his muscled shoulders. This city’s infatuation with the Edmonton Oilers reached a crescendo not seen since the Oilers last made the Stanley Cup finals […]