The Prentice government continues to float trial balloons. Not long ago, it was a sales tax. Now, it’s the return of health care premiums. The government says most Albertans are in favour of bringing back premiums, which has to be complete BS. Health care premiums mean nothing to the wealthy, and probably nothing to the poor (who would likely be exempt), meaning the only people who would pay it are the middle class. With all these threats of increased taxes, this can only mean one thing — no new taxes. It’s the old bait and switch thing; make dire predictions, and when they don’t come true, you look like a hero.

A ceasefire in the Ukrainian conflict lasted about as long as a plate of pyrogies at a potluck supper at the Ukrainian centre. If anything, the fighting has only gotten worse since the so-called ceasefire. It’s looking more and more like the new Russia is as bad, if not worse, than the old Russia. At least in the old days, when the USSR invaded a country, they just did it and admitted it. The new Russia invades a country, then says “who, me?”

Miss P displays winning form.
Miss P displays winning form.

It was great day for Canadian dogs, as a beagle named Miss P was named Best in Show at the prestigious (well, for dog shows) Westminster dog show in New York.

The big story in some parts of North America is the weather. It’s so cold in the east, that Niagara Falls partially froze. Staggering amounts of snow have fallen in the Maritime provinces. And in the U.S., more than 500 cold weather records have fallen. And we’re talking real cold in some cases — well into the -30s. Elsewhere, however, cold is a relative thing. Alabama closed schools on day last week for the kind of temperatures we in Edmonton consider a pleasant winter’s day.

An Islamic terrorist group Al-Shabab released a video Saturday calling for attacks on shopping malls, including West Edmonton Mall. I guess this means little ol’ Edmonton has hit the big time when terrorists take notice of us.

And finally, the world is a little better place today — the final new episode of Two and a Half Men aired this week.

RIP: Steve Montador, a former NHLer, at age 35. … Lesley Gore, of “It’s My Party” fame, at 67 … Louis Jourdan, suave former movie star, at 93. Jourdan played the villain in Octopussy, among other films … Bruce Sinofsky, 58, documentary filmmaker of Paradise Lost and Brother’s Keeper, two outstanding examples of documentary filmmaking … Harris Wittles, 30, a producer and writer of the great comedy Parks and Recreation. The cause of death was an apparent drug overdose … John Barrow, 79, Canadian Football League hall of famer.


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